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90% of our customers have been utilizing

our services for over 20 years for Interior

Furnishings Care



Carpet Appearance Retention Program:

Professional commercial carpet care has several benefits. We believe the top three are-


1. Extending the life of the carpet.

2. Adhereing to manufacturers     warranties and specifications.

3. Aesthetics: Keeping a consistent, uniform appearance.


Successfully removing greasy stains and dry soils will improve the product’s durability
and performance, thus producing a clean appearance and long term protection for your investment.


Upholstery Appearance Retention Program:

Studies show that your facility’s upholstered furniture is used more than any other item in your office. Whether they are nylons, cottons, silks, or leather, dirt, grime, and stains can build up on your upholstered furnishings, making them look old and tired. They act as filters which are a breeding ground for bacteria. Developing a program to clean and remove these soils makes for a hygenically cleaner office environment.


Fabric Workstation/
Cubicle Appearance Retention Program:

Systematically cleaning your fabric workstations has become an increasingly popular facilities maintenance need. Cubicle partitions panels, typically made of fabric, perform as filters similar to those used in your office upholstery. These fabrics attract copius amounts of soil, dust and germs throughout time making them unsanitary. It is important to
clean your workstations to improve your facilities overall appearance.

Stone, Tile, Hard Surface Appearance Retention Program:

Our staff is professionally trained in stone, tile, and hard surface restoration and maintenance.
Hard surface flooring such as marble, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, porcelain, ceramic, and VCT are beautiful and versatile which gives your facility a sense of elegance. However, these surfaces, many being porous, need routine maintenance to clean and seal these surfaces from greasy, dirty soils.
This will provide cleaner grout lines and give a uniform appearance throughout your facility.






Incorporated in January 1994, ProAct has been a pioneer in the development of our Interior Furnishings Appearance Retention Program for corporate America. For over two decades ProAct has demonstrated that our carpet, upholstered furnishings, fabric walls and workstations programs are a huge success. Additionally, we have developed programs for our customers hard surface maintenance needs, such as their VCT, ceramic, limestone, terrazzo, and marble flooring.


The utilization of sophisticated equipment and environmentally safe chemicals has contributed in providing a superior level of appearance. The consistency in delivering these desired results lies in our highly trained employees and supervisors. ProAct’s employees are not only trained in the physical maintenance techniques, but also review daily inspection reports, frequency schedules, zone controls, and monthly progress reports enhancing the quality controls customized for your facility.




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“For over 25 years I have been custom designing for many of Boston’s most prestigious companies the most comprehensive, cost effective textile maintenance systems. Our success originates from the desire to provide our customers with the best commercial interior furnishings care. Since our inception, my philosophy has been focused in building long term mutually beneficial relationships. Our greatest testimonial is that 90% of our customers have been utilizing our services for over 20 years.


ProAct’s mission is simple, it is our responsibility to our customers to deliver the finest, most comprehensive and cost effective interior furnishings care services. Our success begins building partnerships through relationships with our clients to exceed their highest expectations, in turn achieving the ultimate result."


Tim Cramer

President & CEO




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